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It was a large, dark room...opulent and filled with a sense of foreboding. At the four corners of the room were four columns. Had there been any lights lit within the place, they would have shown as the colour of ivory the half-light, they appeared grey.


A huge ornate chandelier of natural crystal hung, majestic and unlit, from a heavy brass chain that came from the centre of the ceiling. The walls were lined with dark purple gold-flecked silk, and even in the gloom, they sparkled here and there.


From the tall carved doors at the entrance, a luxuriant, royal-purple carpet rolled in a straight line to the dark, faded white marble Dias.


Upon that raised step of stone was a huge, heavy, ornately carved throne of old, dark wood, with two large dark crystals protruding at different angles just behind it.


Upon that throne was seated a magnificent, terrifyingly beautiful woman, her dark, amethyst eyes filled with deep brooding thoughts...


She was tall, her slim, curvy body a good disguise for the fighting ability she possessed. A pale woman, her eyes were the deep, clear purple of amethysts and her hair a long, sleek fall of midnight black. Rising above her were her dark wings, a deep, flat shade of black whose webbing was a dark, royal purple.


From her hairline, just above the Dark Queen's forehead, where the sleek fall of her hair began, rose a pair of horns. Slick and black as obsidian, they were wickedly sharp, and as dangerous as the woman who wore them.


The dark queen held her head up with her left hand, while resting her left elbow on the armrest of her throne, while she held a black rosary in her right hand. Its beaded chain wrapped around her hand while she casually examined it, remembering the tragic events to which how it came into her possession.


She gave a sigh after the memories started to become too painful to bear and rested her right hand on her thigh while still holding the rosary in her hand. While she leaned back in her throne and closed her eyes almost falling into a half-sleep state.


Not too long after she first rested her eyes, she was abruptly awoken by the sound of glass smashing on the floor, along with the tray they were placed on clattering on the ground just in front of her.


Some of the glasses were not empty when they smashed onto the ground and some of the drink sprayed onto one of her rich, sleek, black thigh-high boots with a low heel in them.


The person who had dropped the tray and glasses on the floor was a young girl; her body was lush, curvy, and clad in bits of silk. She moved with a gentle, cat-like grace. Her soft hair feathered gently around a sweet face that was almost childlike, filled with curiosity and innocence.


Her eyes were wide, red and hypnotic in their beauty. Her horns were curled and delicate in appearance and the way she would caress her own body while she gazed upon you seemed to promise something wonderful.


“Insolent succubus wretch!” bellowed one of the queen’s private bodyguards standing beside her throne, the queen was a little surprised at her bodyguards sudden outburst and slowly sat up straight as her guard went up to the succubus slave and raised a hand meaning to strike her while getting a fistful of her hair.


The poor slave girl gave a cry of pain as the queens guard pulled her onto her knees by her hair with one hand, while getting ready to bring his other hand down to strike her.


Just before the guard could hit her the queen spoke. “stop.” She said simply without raising her voice, her voice seeming to echo throughout the royal court silencing all those within. The guard stopped and looked at his queen a little puzzled by her intervention.


“Bring her here.” She said gesturing for her to be brought to the dark queen’s feet.


The guard grabbed the girl by her upper arms and pushed her forward until she was just in front of their queen, then he pulled her upper arms down sharply forcing the poor girl onto her hands and knees, the girl was trembling with fear while the queen’s bodyguard stood behind the slave girl.


The girl sat there on her hands and knee’s looking straight at the floor, not daring to look anywhere else for fearing she may anger the guard behind her or the queen in front of her.


Time seemed to be going at an agonisingly slow rate for the terrified girl at the queen’s feet; the queen simply stayed seated and watched her through her cold, dark amethyst purple eyes with a stern, blank expression on her face.


The court was silent as everyone within waited and listened intently, to hear what the young girls fate would be.


Eventually the young girl still trembling with fear, licked her lips and in a shaky voice said; “your majesty I’m so sorry for-”


“Shut your mouth! You filth!” roared the guard behind her, while striking the back of her head hard. The girl cried out in pain as her head was sent to the hard ground beneath her.


“Peace, Lartan.” The queen said calmly raising a hand to calm him; the guard had already raised his hand to strike her again but calmed himself at his queen’s words and returned to his queen’s side beside her throne.


The girl simply lay there sobbing quietly as she heard less than respectful murmurs going around the great hall.


“Stupid succubus…” the girl heard one man say.

“Can they do anything right, besides selling their bodies that is?” She heard one of the ladies laughs quietly while talking to someone else in the court.


The queen simply looked around with her eyes, listening to their backstabbing gossip, her eyes then settled on the girl quietly crying and sobbing at her feet.


“Tell me, what was it you wanted to say?” the queen asked in a calm, measured tone.


“I-I wanted to say sorry and to ask for your forgiveness.” The girl said getting back up on all fours, while still looking at the floor while a bit of blood dripped from her head from hitting the floor while also bleeding slightly from being striked.


The queen gave a slight half-smile at the girl who was still bleeding slightly while her tears were still trickling down her cheeks and onto the floor underneath her.



“Look at me girl.” She said in a calm and soothing voice that was still subtly laced with power and dominance. The girl slowly and reluctantly out of fear raised her head till she was looking the dark queen in the eye, her dark amethyst eyes looking straight into the poor slave girls red eyes, she felt like she was looking deep into her soul.


“You asked me for forgiveness am I right?” she asked looking the girl up and down all over. The girl was completely captivated in the dark depths of her queen’s dark amethyst eyes. And felt almost calm and at ease while looking into them.


“Y-yes.” She stammered. “I don’t want to be banished back to hell!” She cried with fear as she continued to stare into her queen’s eyes.


“hm.” She went with a smile. “Well then, if you want my forgiveness.” She went on while leaning back in her throne again slightly, while crossing her legs with her tea stained boot held just in front of the succubies face.


“When you tripped, you spilt tea all over my boot.” She rocked her dripping foot back and forth slightly for the succubus to see it.

“Lick it clean.” She commanded, with a mix between a seductive and dominating smile.


The girl couldn’t believe what she was being told to do, she clenched her hands tightly into fists and closed her eyes shut from the fear and humiliation she was about to go through.


And so. After several seconds of the girl silently crying some more, she slowly with reluctance moved her head forward and slowly revealed her moist tongue, her head jerked back slightly multiple times not wanting to do this.


The girl’s head and tongue stopped just short of her queen’s foot not able to bring her to do it. The queen, sensing this moved her boot forward just enough for it to connect with her tongue.


Her boot tasted surprisingly soft, not really soft but softer than she thought. She could taste the sugars in the tea she had spilt all over her boot lighting up the taste buds on her tongue, the girl slowly licked the entire of the foot area of her boot; the sides, the bottom, the heel, the entire top of her foot.


 After a couple of long minutes the girl was finally finished, her tongue couldn’t taste anything other than the smooth leather of her majesty’s boot and the faintest taste of the flavour and sugar from the tea that was long gone after being overpowered by the taste of leather on her tongue.


The girl moved her head back and hung it in shame, feeling nothing but complete shame and soul crushing humiliation.


“Good girl.” The queen complimented her while twisting and turning her boot to see from every angle to see if all the tea was gone. “I think my boots cleaner now, than it was before you spilt tea all over it.”


The girl didn’t say or do anything to react, she felt dirty and violated. On closer inspection the queen noticed something hiding on the front of the girls shoulder almost hidden by the girl’s Basque that was tied together at the front with a thin piece of white cord.


“Come closer to me my dear.” The queen ordered in a soothing voice while gesturing for her to come forward with her index finger, the girl simply wanted to curl up into a dark corner and sleep away the pain of the day she has endured as she has always done.


The slave slowly rose to her feet and got as close as she dared get to her dark majesty, which was so close to her throne her feet were touching the base of it.


The queen gave a slight chuckle. “Oh my dear girl.” She smiled. “That’s not close enough.” Suddenly with a slight ripple, her wings extended as far as they could on either side of her throne and then wrapped themselves around the back of the slave’s body going over her own wings which were half the size of her queens, and pulled her closer to her.


The sudden movement surprised the girl as she was suddenly pulled closer to her queen, and place her hands on either armrest while putting a knee on the edge of the seat of her throne, to stop her from falling on top of her queen.


There was a slight outburst of concerned and surprised murmurs as the queen pulled this unworthy slave so close to her, but they were quickly silenced when the queen moved a hand around the slave girl’s body to appeal for calm, and slowly they calmed down and returned to their quiet conversations even though the subject matter they were talking about had most likely changed.


The girl’s breathing became very quick and shallow partly because she didn’t want to breathe on the queen for fear on what would happen to her if she did, and the main reason was because she was panicking inside her head and began to start sweating.


The dark queen looked at her two body guards and jerked her head. The guards knew she wanted them to leave her side so they did, her female and male bodyguard known as Lartan left her side and went to mingle with the others in the court.


The queen pulled a white folded napkin from the top inside of her now clean black leather boot and slowly began to wipe the sweat from the slave’s brow, chest and shoulders.


The slave jerked back in surprise and fear when the queen began slowly cleaning her up with a napkin, but the queen grabbed her upper arm with her right hand which no longer had the rosary wrapped around it.


When the queen had finished she lain the napkin on her lap, and now with her free hand she began to undo the thin white cord that criss-crossed up her Basque.


The girl jolted slightly from her queen’s actions. “What are you-” the girl began, but the queen had released her arm and clasped her hand over her mouth, when the girl was silenced the queen released her mouth and placed out an index finger to her own lips to tell her to stay quiet.


The queen continued to undo the succubus slaves Basque, after the last link was undone the Basque fell open only staying in place because it rested on her back.


The succubus couldn’t look her queen in the eye, so she clenched her teeth and looked away blushing as she was now uncomfortably close to her majesty.


The queen wasn’t interested in her slaves reaction, what she was interested in was the display of cuts and bruises going all over the girl’s stomach and chest only hidden by her Basque, the queen knew whoever put those abusive injuries there didn’t want people to see them so they put them where they would be less likely to be seen.


The queen began to run her hand up the girl’s body examining her cuts and bruises, the girl winced in pain several times, but as time rolled by the girl found she was noticing the pain less and less. After what must have been half an hour later, the girls winces and moans of pain were beginning to be replaced with quiet moans of slight pleasure, her skin had become sensitive to her queens touch. Her hands were soft and warm, the girl soon found she wanted to be touched; her skin began to lust for it, and when the girl thought her senses couldn’t take the overpowering sensations overtaking her body anymore the queen stopped.


The girl’s senses almost cried out when she stopped, clearly wanting more but she soon remembered this was the queen that was pleasuring her and the fear immediately over took her pleasure and she was filled with fear once more.


The queen quickly did the slaves Basque back up and released her slave captive while leaning back in her throne retracting her wings in the process. The girl stood back up in front of her queen clutching her upper arm in one hand nervously not sure what to do next.


The queen propped her head up with one hand again and looked at the girl with a serious expression on her face. “Who did that to you?” she asked, this time with no kindness or soothing in her voice. The girl didn’t reply and just hung her head in shame. “Answer me girl.” She ordered.


“My master did your majesty.” She said bursting to tears and falling to her knees crying quietly, knowing that if she cried aloud she would only be berated and beaten until she stopped.


“Where is this trash you call a master now?” the queen asked with a slight hint of anger building up inside her.


“He-he is dead your majesty.” The girl sobbed wiping away her tears with her hand. “He died in a fight with some guards when they tried to arrest him for abusing me and take me away to work here as a slave.” She continued to cry and the queen gave her the napkin she used to wipe away the girls sweat, the girl gratefully took it and wiped her eyes. “Thank you.” She whispered handing it back to her.


“Did you love him?” the queen asked the girl, the girl shook her head. She didn’t love her master, in fact she hated him but she could never admit it from the beatings and fear that was placed in her long ago.


The queen looked up at the arch shaped skylight in the ceiling and watched the stars in the night sky.


The queen brought her gaze back down and looked around the court; she knew no one would accept this girl as their own because of her cuts and bruises, but mainly because she was as succubus.


The queen stood up and walked up to the girl before she bent down and held the girls chin in her hand, she looked the girl in the eyes for a few moments, there was a great deal of pain, sadness and fear in her eyes. The queen stood backup while she let her slaves head drop back down to the floor.


The queen placed a hand on her hip and said aloud. “By the power I possess as queen, I claim this girl before me and make her my servant.” Everyone’s head in the court shot round to look at their majesty, some of them even let their jaws drop. The girl couldn’t believe what she just heard, to be the queen of the night’s personal servant was a huge honour.


The queen took the girls hand and helped her to her feet, and asked; “do you accept this gift I offer you?” the girl couldn’t speak and could just manage a nod.


The queen placed her left arm around the girl’s waist and pulled her closer to her until their waists were touching.


The queen then placed her right hand behind the girl’s head, with her hair going between the queen’s fingers. “What’s your name my dear?” the queen asked her in what seemed to be a seductive voice.


The girl could barely speak; her heart was racing so fast she thought it would be impossible to. “My-my master never gave me one, all I’ve ever known is the abuse of others. I thought being a succubus I would be used as a pleasure slave, but instead I was used as an outlet for my master’s anger.”


The queen smiled at that. “So you’re a virgin then?” the queen asked, the girl nodded in response, completely embarrassed.


“I think the name Maria suits you, my dear.” She said with a smile with that, the queen pulled the girls head closer to hers. The new found servant’s heart was beating incredibly fast against her queens own smooth and calm heart.


Then she pulled the servant into a long, passionate kiss, their breaths mingling together. They could both feel the dark energies exchanging inside them, sealing the contract between them. Proof this slave girl belonged to her.


The queen’s lips parted from her new servant’s own who gasped slightly from the slight sexual release, the queen licked her lips seductively to arouse her servant…and it worked.


The girl now known as Maria was soon overcome with lust and desire but felt tired and weak and couldn’t stand without being supported by her new found mistress.


The queen put Maria’s arm around her and began to walk down a long silk lined corridor with a royal-purple carpet running along it. They soon came to a pair of large wooden doors and as soon as they got close they seemed to open on their own accord.


They were greeted by some dark marble steps and after climbing them Maria knew exactly where she was. The queen’s bedchamber.


It was a huge, grand, round room that had been designed in way that the raised bed would be the centrepiece of the room.


Ornate, carved pillars were spaced evenly along the curved walls. Rich draping’s of heavy purple silk were hung between them.


The floor was royal-purple-veined black marble, and rich carpets were scattered here and there.


The bed itself was perfectly round and could have easily fitted a dozen people on it to sleep.


Sleep, however, was obviously not its prime purpose. The bed was set atop a magnificent marble Dias. The luxuriant mattress with its silk cover was set upon a raised platform of darkened metal. From this heavy base hung four heavy chains, anchored to heavy rings. Four of the chains were attached to locking cuffs, and were just long enough to keep a man on the bed but still move freely to keep comfortable. The final chain, attached to an ornate collar with the other end hanging from the ceiling by an iron ring, was long enough that a captive would have access to most of the room, but still remain imprisoned.


The queen walked up to her bed and sat Maria down on it, while she peeled the bed covers back for Maria to crawl into them.


The queen gestured for Maria to lie down under the covers and she did, she was barely able to keep her eyes open from the exhaustion.


“It will take some time for your own bedchambers to be ready to use.” The queen explained. “So you’ll use mine.” She finished with a smile.


Maria couldn’t believe the sheer comfort of her queen’s bed and now could barely keep her eyes open.


“One of the benefits of being my servant is that you can call me by my name and not be punished, while others who are not my servant would be.” The queen explained. “Do you know it?” she asked.


“Yes, and I want to thank you for this kindness you showed Me.” she said, barely stopping herself from falling asleep.


“Go ahead then” the queen said with a smile.


“Thank you, Ophelia.” Maria whispered before falling into a deep blissful sleep, she hadn’t known for so long.


The dark queen Ophelia watched Maria as she slept for a while moving a lock of hair from her face behind her ear.


Ophelia got up and began to make her way to out of her bedroom, intent on travelling to earth to see how the human she had been watching was getting on…and tonight she might do more than watch him.ere.

Ruler of the night - Chapter 1 - Broody thoughts
This is what I've been working on for a while!

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Sam open the bedroom door. His lust for pleasure in his head overtook his body; he hadn't done it for days. He pulled out his phone "should I really do this?" he asked himself. before he knew it he had typed "male nudes" into google. "I guess it's too late" he smirked.
he lay in bed undoing his pants, he tapped the first link and stared at the unbelievably hot male laying on his screen with his penis out. Sam's penis shot up faster than he could anticipate and he blushed slightly. As if it was habit he wrapped his hand around his shaft already pushing moans. he moved his hands in a up and down motion. "uh- uhhh~ oh!" he repeated. tapping the next link as quick as he could. This time it was a cute blond with a dick the size of russia. licking his lip Sam rubbed this penis faster. "huh- uh- ooohh!!~" Sam let out he was almost done. just one more, one more. he moved his hand down to his balls and his dick let out this white stream "Ahh!~" he drooled, out of breath but pull of pleasure.  

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Aria sat happily in her room, humming a little song as she plaited her long black hair.  the harmonizing silence was shattered when Bree flung the door open. "Do you have to make an entrance every time you visit me?" Aria questioned with a smile. "ah-uh!" Bree beeped to which Aria replied "at least tell me why your here" with a flirtatious wink Bree said "Oh~ you know why I'm here". Without a second thought she grabbed Aria and whispered "and you know that your mine now". 

In a rush of lust and passion Aria pulled her lover onto her chest "you've got it all wrong, your mine, your my toy" surprised my Aria's dominance Bree could only manage to say "Take me". Aria pressed her mouth up against Bree's. again and again they licked each others lips. Bree, feeling extremely flirtatious, whispered " Lets go..  below the belt". Aria licking her lips agreed with a nod. Bree Placed her hands on Aria crouch slowly undoing her button and pulling her shorts down to her knees. Aria returned the favour by pulling Bree's leggings off with her teeth. "Let's go, you first". 

Aria ran her fingers down Bree's stomach all the way to her *nope* and turned her hand to make the palm face the entrance. then
as Bree's face filled with sweat she slowly inserted two of her fingers. "so you like that, eh?" she smiled. she pulled them out and put them back in, adding a third finger to the equation. she did this many times before Bree's face was bright red. Bree started me moan "Uh, Oh, Ahhhh~ your gunna make me- your gunna make me..." Aria went quicker "cum" Bree moaned out. Aria Looked her in the eyes and with a smile continued to pleasure her. Bree couldn't hold back anymore she squirted onto Arias floor. "was I good?" Aria said proudly "Of course" Bree exclaimed, still breathing heavily from her orgasam.

Where should I go next?  
Aria and Bree - Oc-Fiction (NSFW)
A shortie just as a example of my work! :3
I may continue is I get any requests to


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